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Co-Founder & Designer at @Yummygum

Learn how Yummygum ran a remote hackathon to build an Adobe XD plugin in one day. Read about the process, tactics, and tools they used.


The new 🎉 Confetti plugin experience, now in a panel!

Nils & Vince sweating the details of Confetti for Adobe XD

Why Adobe XD?

Cryptocurrency has been around for some time but it really took off last year, in 2017. Only to crash again months later in early 2018. Cryptocurrency can become a big part of lives, but essential to its potential success and adoption, is applying design thinking to the technology. Allow me to explain.

The Impact of Design on New Technology

Cars: Mercedes-Benz A-Class

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Gadget: Apple HomePod

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Now You Know: 50 years of kids coding

Want: Tesla Roadster

Vince Schwidder

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